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For more than 40 years our company has been known in Europe as a leading manufacturer of optical door viewers of high quality.

The standard program comprises door viewers with a viewing angle of up to 200°. In addition, you will find in our range special versions for special applications, among others for installation in varying climatic conditions for the avoidance of condensation and for fireproof doors.

Doorviewer and accessories

Optical precision.

We are continuously expanding our standard program and developing new products, also in collaboration with our customers.

Standard Door viewer
Door viewers


Door viewers with a viewing angle of up to 200°

Spezial Door viewer
Door viewers


Anti-condensation and fire retardant door viewers



Extras and accessories for our door viewers

Door viewer - anti-condensation

If there is a risk of condensation, we recommend the use of this Door viewer. ÖNORM EN 1121-tested.

Door viewer - fire retardant
Fire retardant

Fire-retarding. By putting a special glass piece you gain an additional resistance against fire for about 1/2 hour.

Door viewer - Stainless steel
Stainless steel

Our door viewer made of high quality and solid stainless steel in a special quality and excellent design!

Door viewer - tailor-made

We produce individual door viewer in almost all sizes and designs according to your specifications. Contact us.

Product novelty

Door viewer Angle of sight up to 200°

Door viewer black matt

brass black matt

Noble and timeless design in black.



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